Evangelist and Teacher Dennis O'Daniel and his wife
Vicki reside in Monroe, Ohio.

Dennis has evangelized through out the United States
and overseas with a burning purpose to teach the
uncompromised Word of God, under the anointing of the
Holy Spirit, with a desire to reach the needs of the
people through the Gifts of the Spirit.

Through his ministry, the yoke of bondage has literally
been destroyed off the lives of many as the Holy Spirit
prompts, directs and leads him during times of ministry.

With a purpose and vision to fully equip the body of
Christ, he has personally developed extensive training
materials and has taught these in segments which include
series topics such as
The Fire of God, The Holy Spirit,
The Fruit of the Spirit, The Gifts of the Spirit,
, Fact or Fiction, Take the Higher Ground.

Also a singer and songwriter, he ministers through music.
 He has recently recorded a Gospel CD,
I'll Sing My
, with songs of faith, three of which he wrote.

Dennis is a graduate of Faith Bible College in Tyler,
Texas. While in college he helped lead worship in the
Chapel Services, and preached as well. He was also part
of the traveling singing group God's Generation In 1978
after graduation
he was ordained as a minister, and traveled around the
country and to Africa spreading the Word of God.

Recently seizing the opportunity to minister full-time and
fulfill Gods will, Dennis is currently scheduling meetings
throughout the U.S.  To contact Dennis please email and
direct all inquiries to the link below.  
                                                 God Bless You.
Dennis and Vicki O'Daniel
Copyright 2011
Dennis O'Daniel Ministries P.O. Box 537 Monroe, Ohio 45050